Latimer House Mission Statement

Hilltop’s Latimer House Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Assault Program strives for equity, inclusivity, and diversity that promotes social change to end intimate partner violence and sexual assault in our community. We seek to address the societal inequities that contribute to and perpetuate these forms of violence, we support the self-determination of all people, and we provide leadership for advocacy efforts related to prevention and intervention.  We strive to provide a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, client driven service model that aims to meet people where they are at, empower them, stabilize them, and provide a means for them to build a life free of violence.   

Latimer House believes in the right of all persons to live their lives without fear, abuse, isolation, oppression, and violence. We recognize and appreciate the diversity in race/ethnicity, gender identity, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, age, marital/family status, socio-economic standing, ability, and other lived experiences.  Because diversity affects and influences an individual’s decision-making process, we fully support, respect, and encourage the self-directed decisions of those who enter Hilltop’s Latimer House in regards to reporting, prosecution, pregnancy, future safety, and other matters related to their current situation.